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Campfires and Bonfires Made Easy to Manage

Save your back . . . and your eyebrows!


Eliminate much of the bending and straining, as well as the danger of burns from getting too close, that go along with building and managing an open fire.

Introducing FIREPLIERS - the unique NEW campfire tending tool designed to make your campfires easier to manage, less dangerous and more fun. Their long reach keeps you away from the fire while allowing you to easily move and position burning logs and kindling.

FIREPLIERS are ideal for safely managing campfires, bonfires and back yard fire pits, as well as fires in patio and indoor fireplaces.

FIREPLIERS - an American tool constructed from Great Lakes steel and Western Red Cedar and built to last.

FIREPLIERS have been extensively field tested and deemed "essential camp gear." Whether you're an RVer, a tent camper, or a back yard bonfire builder, you'll enjoy safer, easier burning.

Once you have experienced "precision" fire tending you'll agree that FIREPLIERS are a "must have" for your next open fire or wilderness adventure.


FIREPLIERS make great gifts for friends and family who enjoy tending open fires - and are ideal for those who love to camp.

" I received a pair of Firepliers as a gift and took them on my next camping trip, thinking I'd probably never even get them out of the car (being a long-time fire builder I didn't think I needed them!). However, once I had the fire going I pulled them out just to see how they work. Wow! I'm so impressed with Firepliers that now I won't build a camp fire without them!"

- Terry T., Pennsylvania

"I do a lot of primitive camping and after just one trip with my Firepliers I wouldn't go in the woods without them."

- Warren K., Michigan


FIREPLIERS are satisfaction guaranteed or your money back and are very reasonably priced at just $24.95.



FIREPLIERS have sharp teeth so please monitor children in the area.

FIREPLIERS are made and distributed in the U.S.A. Happy camping America!


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