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FIREPLIERS:  Campfires and Bonfires Made Easy to Manage


"The camper's best friend" is now available.

Dissatisfied with wimpy fireplace tongs and tired of looking for just the "right size stick", Ken Goossen set about making the ultimate campfire tending tool - FIREPLIERS. This American made product is 30 inches long and made of steel. They are strong enough to lift a 20-pound burning log, and so easy to use that fires can be perfectly arranged at every stage. They are so precise that you can remove your baked potato from the coals without piercing the foil. 

Campers throughout the American Midwest have tested FIREPLIERS for more than two years and have used them in campgrounds, on river trips, in the back yard, and at hunting camps. All have deemed them "essential camp gear". FIREPLIERS are also ideal for managing fires in indoor fireplaces.

"I don't know why anyone would not use FIREPLIERS to keep their fires burning perfectly.", said camper Todd Werther of Michigan. "I used them last season and my fires were better because I could keep the logs positioned in the ideal spot."

Health care professionals are also quick to see the advantages of having a tool to ease the lifting of logs and eliminate the need to bend. Hunters and campers are often hurt at camp by twisting and bending to move logs. FIREPLIERS, with their long reach and heavy-duty construction, give leverage and strength to protect against injuries during that precious time spent camping.

To see how FIREPLIERS fit into your camping or vacation plans go to www.firepliers.com. Orders can be placed at the web site.

FIREPLERS - Made in the U.S.A.


Gypsy Journal, RV Gadgets & Goodies:

For many people, campfires are an essential part of their camping experience . . . Firepliers . . . are a set of heavy duty tongs perfect for reaching into a fire to move that stubborn piece of wood into position without burning your hands. Measuring 30 inches long, and capable of moving wood over a foot thick, these are a handy item to have around the campsite.

Family Motor Coach Association:

The 30-inch-long, steel device is said to be strong enough to lift a 20-pound burning log, yet it offers the precision to retrieve a baked potato from hot coals without piercing the aluminum foil. The tool is capable of grabbing wood up to 1 foot in diameter and can be used during any stage of the fire-building process.


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FIREPLIERS are satisfaction guaranteed or your money back and are very reasonably priced at just $24.95 (plus shipping).



FIREPLIERS have sharp teeth so please monitor children in the area.

FIREPLIERS are made and distributed in the U.S.A. Happy camping America!


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