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About Us

FIREPLIERS:  Campfires and Bonfires Made Easy to Manage


This truly is a great and beautiful country we live in, with many interesting things to do and magnificent places to explore. We at Campcentral Co. feel proud and privileged to live, work, and play here. Our mission is to provide tools to make your camping experience better.

FIREPLIERS are designed to make camp fires and other open fires easy to manage.

FIREPLIERS were designed and developed by American campers for American campers.

FIREPLIERS are made from "eco-friendly", renewable materials and nothing is wasted.


Contact Us

We'll be happy to help you with any questions you may have about FIREPLIERS.

Campcentral Co.

P.O. Box 4022

Davenport, Iowa  52808

Email: firepliers@hotmail.com


FIREPLIERS make great gifts for friends and family who enjoy tending open fires - and are ideal for those who love to camp.

FIREPLIERS are satisfaction guaranteed or your money back and are very reasonably priced at just $24.95.



FIREPLIERS have sharp teeth so please monitor children in the area.

FIREPLIERS are made and distributed in the U.S.A. Happy camping America!


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